Daytime sleepiness and chronic, loud snoring may be an indication of a sleeping issue.  If your friends and family tell you that you are snoring loudly and struggling to breath at night then it is time to have a conversation with your dentist.  I can help you determine if a simple, at home sleep test (Polysomnograph) is appropriate to diagnose your potential sleep issue.  If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea we will discuss treatment options including CPAP and Oral Appliance Therapy.

If you have been previously diagnosed with sleep apnea and do not like your CPAP (CPAP intolerant) then you may find an oral appliance to be a better option.  If you or your bed partner are bothered by the noise from your CPAP, the difficulty of packing it when you travel, and the discomfort caused by poorly fitting masks, then oral appliance therapy may be right for you.