Here are just a few nice things some of my  patients have said about me on social media over the past few years.

So many people have horrible stories about going to the dentist. Dr. Schoening will put you at ease immediately. He is a total professional who will cater to whatever sort of experience you need. When I told him about my broken tooth he moved heaven and earth to get me in and get to work. Thanks DOC!!!
— Nick M on 5/26/2016
My first visit to Dr Schoening was the best experience I ever had with a dentist and I turn 50 next month. He is very outgoing and friendly. I appreciated the fact that he is the one who cleans your teeth. He is very passionate about teeth, he detailed while he explains what needs to be done and why. By the end of my second visit I felt I made a good friend. Obviously he gets to do the most talking, but his conversation is interesting. I felt so comfortable that when I was leaving I almost asked, since I live very close by, if he wanted to grab lunch sometime. I have been bragging on Dr Schoening every chance I get.
— Tim G. on 5/14/2016
Recently, when my dentist could not make it to my appointment, Dr. Schoening was kind enough to squeeze me in. Having not met him previously, I was a little anxious. However, he swiftly put me at ease. I found him to be professional and friendly. Dr. Schoening cleaned my teeth himself, and conducted the exam gently and efficiently. I particularly liked that he explained what he was doing throughout the process. All in all, it was about as pleasant as a dental visit can be. I highly recommend him.
— Erin M. on 5/13/2016
Well he’s the best dentist - espesh if you’re scared of dentists and haven’t gone in two or seven or twelve years. Fitting that his name is Eric because he’s a damn Prince. That’s A Little Mermaid ref! ✌️
— Julia W. on 5/12/2016
found his office via Facebook ads and was able to make an appointment super quickly! really awesome and professional service and I look forward to returning (hopefully not soon haha)!
— Daliah A. on 4/29/2016
I had been putting off going to the dentist but I pass this office all the time and saw that it was highly rated so I decided to give it a try. When I called the receptionist was so nice and accommodating to get me an appointment that week and even called back to let me know that my insurance would definitely cover my visit.

I saw Dr. Eric Schoening and I could not be happier with my visit. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain different treatment options and educate me on the best route to take. More importantly, he was so kind and really went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. I ended up seeing him multiple times over the next 2 weeks to complete the dental work I needed and by the end of it I felt like I was going to visit a friend and was completely over my fear of the dentist. Also, the dental hygienist was so sweet and kind and on top of everything! This is a great office and I am so happy to of found them!
— Caitlin W. on 4/27/2016
It’s been over a year from the last cleaning which I know was way too long. This was my first time meeting Dr. Schoening. The experience was great. He came out and introduced himself while I was getting checked in. He did the cleaning himself and my teeth free so much cleaner. Definitely going to come back for my next check up.
— Eric M. on 3/12/2016
After 5 years, I can finally eat a meal without having to get up 3 times to unclog a gap between my molar and an implant. Dr. Eric Schoening did the work for me in no more than half an hour and explained everything to me before and as we were going through the procedure. I feel very fortunate that I had Dr. Schoening. He is the best, the fastest, and superb bed-side manner. I would recommend him to anyone:)
— Sue A. on 10/6/2014
I don’t generally write reviews, but I felt it necessary after the last few visits. After getting a filling, I had some slight complications. Dr. Schoening was over the top nice and helpful. He even gave me his personal cell phone number and texted me several times over the next few days. Every experience at this office has been over the top great and couldn’t recommend it more. I have been to many dentist over the years due to moving around a lot for work and...Dr. Schoening [is] by far the best.
— Brian B on 9/25/2015
Dr. Schoening. Awesome bedside manners! VERY informative AND!!!!!!! Their prices are reasonable. Quality Dr giving quality care.

”My dentist before him gave me some outrageous estimates about work that I needed done. Dr. Schoening looked at my x-rays and gave me a complete different perspective. He said unnecessary procedures are unnecessary treatments. The most that we need to do at bare minimum is XY and Z. He wasn’t interested in digging in my coin purse. He gave me an informed and detailed cost list of everything that I needed done and made sure I understood everything that I was paying for as listed. I hate that I didn’t find him sooner. I’m definitely coming back and you should try him out!
— Jacob T on 1/12/2016
I am essentially a new patient. A few years ago I overheard a good friend recommended this office to a colleague. When it came time to find a dentist for my family, this office came to mind. My husband didn’t have insurance for many years and his mouth really suffered. He had an old capped tooth in the front the makings of moderate gingivitis. This navy man is one happy customer. Then my daughter went in. She loves going to the dentist and has beautiful teeth.

“I on the other hand am deathly afraid of dentists. I haven’t seen one regularly in about 5 years. I’ve had some really awful, cringe worthy scary dentists. Did I say I am terrified of dentists? I mean I get nightmares about my teeth falling out…..yeah. So, this past weekend my back left upper molar area started to hurt, then my gums began to swell up. I was in some serious pain. I bit the bullet and made an appointent. Then I became ill, maybe beause I was so scared, I really don’t know. I called and rescheduled. Not only was the receptionist sympathetic, she rescheduled me without any talk of a charge, which I was fully expecting because I cancelled late.

”OK the night prior to my new appointment, I had a terrible nightmare and could not sleep…I mean at all. I got to my appointment early, knowing I’d have some forms to fill out. I was greeted cordially be reception, instructed to fill out my forms and then led to...the chair.

”My dentist was Dr. Schoening. He reviewed my history, discussed my pain and I felt, you know, still scared. My heart was pounding! I mean I know what’s coming. The xrays revealed a tooth would need to be extracted and a major deep cleaning was in order. I just started to kind of quietly cry to myself as he explained everything. I didn’t even realize the tears until he handed me a tissue and reassured me everything would be OK and we could take it all one step at a time.

”He talked me through everything he was doing and was so reassuring. I kind of wanted to cry at his kindness. I left the office feeling already, a helluva lot better than when I walked in. I left with some prescriptions to manage my pain, my tooth sensitivity and a plan for future work to be done next week. I went to work. At 4:30PM Dr. Schoening called me to check in and see how I was doing. I don’t know of ANY other dental offices or dentists that do that. I am actually looking forward to next week.

“Thank you Dr. Schoening for taking such great care of not only my teeth and gums, but also for doing those extra little touches mentioned above.
— R.T. on 1/8/2016
Part 2! So on to my second review. It was great. No pain. Had the right side deep cleaned and there were some trouble spots, like super sensitive. Also my old orthodontist left some glue from my braces on a back molar, in a tough spot to clean. I was worried because I had a trip planned the next day and I didn’t want to be miserable in Miami. Dr Schoening, I can’t rave enough about his work. My mom is booking her appt and another colleague just booked hers. I hope to send more friends, colleagues and family here because they do really care about you.
— R.T. again on 1/18/2016