Partial and complete dentures are often the most economical method of replacing missing teeth.  Whether you are missing one tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth partials and dentures can be a great options.  I always use custom colored acrylic and teeth to match your existing teeth and gums.

Acrylic based partial dentures are a lighter, less bulky, more cosmetic way to replace missing teeth.  Removing the metal base can make this option more prone to fracturing when used inappropriately.

Metal based partial dentures have a metal framework which is custom made to fit your existing teeth exactly.  This type of partial is typically stronger and can often stay in better because of the custom fit clasps.

Complete dentures are used when all teeth need to be replaced.  It is possible to have the denture ready for you on the same day when your existing teeth are removed so you don't go a day without teeth.  A wide variety of custom shapes, colors, and sizes of teeth are available to give you the smile you always wanted!